Recoverable authenticator for your 2FA codes

Not into crypto? Discover what guardians can do for you with our new app Gridlock Authenticator. You do not need this app if you have Gridlock Crypto and NFT wallet because it has 2FA built in!

multisig wallet

2FA with easy recovery


Store your 2FA codes using Gridlock to easily recover from a lost 2FA device. Never have the headache of another lost 2FA code.

Social Protection

Gridlock splits your precious data into pieces so you can store them on multiple devices. Give pieces to trusted friends so you can quickly recover your 2FA codes if you ever lose your phone.

Fast Recovery

If you ever lose your phone, Gridlock lets you pull your guardians together to recover lost 2FA codes. Gridlock and your guardians can never see, access, or use your codes.