Gridlock Pro is here! How to get a free trial

Gridlock Pro is here! How to get a free trial

8 Aug 2022Gridlock

Gridlock Pro is the new paid subscription model for the up-and-coming distributed wallet, Gridlock. What does your wallet get with Gridlock Pro and how can you try it out for free? Read on to find out more.

Gridlock has been available for 10 months and has amassed an impressive 16,000 signups. The core features of Gridlock will always remain free, but Gridlock Pro gives you an even more secure wallet. 

The original Gridlock wallet works by splitting your private key into five pieces which are then distributed among friends, or guardians. The main benefit is that no one can sign a transaction without your share of the key and majority approval. All devices not in this network are not allowed entry without your permission, and all pieces of the key are useless alone. 

This essentially means that your wallet will never be breached.

Embrace social recovery for the easiest and most secure method of regaining access to your wallet if you lose your device. All you need to do is ask your guardians to help with wallet recovery and they’ll get you back in with the tap of a button.

But what if your wallet security could be leveled up even further? Gridlock Pro is available starting from just $6.25 a month! Security is your best friend when it comes to keeping your crypto safe, so always use the best. Don’t settle for the risks of existing storage methods, including cold storage.

Imagine you could have the already-optimal security of Gridlock, but with advanced automated monitoring on top of it. This system scans your secure network to ensure all parts are communicating and automatically sends silent notifications to reach them. If there are any problems, you receive an email to advise you on how to fix them. Ensure your wallet security is back at full strength.

As well as this, Gridlock Pro lets you add more guardians. What’s better than a distributed wallet with 5 devices?

A distributed wallet with 10! 

Greatly reduce the chances of loss with even more guardians, and receive reports on your security to ensure you’re always in control and protected.

Get a free trial of Gridlock Pro NOW and make your wallet security better than a cold wallet. Go into your vault and press the free trial button to get a taste of the best!

If you have any questions for the team, reach out to us on Discord!