Crypto security that's essential, not central

Changing the way we store digital assets

Gridlock uses blockchain technology to ensure assets are never lost, never stolen, and never forgotten. We combine advanced cryptography with a secure global network to offer more security, control, and privacy than any other option available.





Advanced Technology

    Gridlock uses cutting-edge cryptography to secure digital assets. Our product is more secure than any other solution.

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Clear Simplicity

Our clear and intuitive interface removes the confusion around cryptocurrency. Be confident that your assets are secure and in your control.


Guaranteed Privacy

    You have a right to privacy. Never sacrifice privacy (or usability), hoping for better security. With Gridlock, you get both.

Straight-forward Product

Say goodbye to overly complicated services with overwhelming options.

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Strong security should not require huge forms and too many questions

Secure and private

Bank-grade security and constant monitoring wrapped in a private, simple interface

Multi-coin Support

Works with every coin and digital asset. Finally, a single safe place for digital peace of mind

Dedicated Community

Join a passionate community excited about the future of blockchain

Clear Guarantees

We are proud to offer a product with a clear purpose.

Universal solution

Works with every cryptocurrency

Unbeatable security

Better than anything available today

Guaranteed Privacy

Privacy by design

Always Available

Accessible from anywhere at anytime

Complete Control

You are in control; no one else

Friendly Interface

Clear, intuitive design

How It Works

We combine Threshold Signatures (TSS), Distributed Key Generation (DKG), and Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) to split data into pieces and secure them in devices across the globe. Data is always protected even if storage devices are compromised or offline.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Gridlock is a new and secure way to store any digital asset, including all cryptocurrencies. It’s simple, unbelievably safe, and takes away the stress of managing your assets. With Gridlock, you are always protected and always in control.

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